Running out of Jungle

Story Behind The Song

The song is about the disappearance of the rain forest and the animals that live there!

Song Description

Troubling sounds...........the feeling of something wrong is happening!

Song Length 2:10 Genre Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Anxious, Frantic Language No Language
Era 2000 and later



Interesting tune, love the way the tension builds and releases. Moving things in and out of the mix and adding elements is very cool.

Bit difficult to review this one fully - as it is short. As it stands as it is, this is right up my street and has a kind of 90s trance feel to it which I love. It is well produced and polished with great instrumentation and arrangement.

I love listening to electronica, and experimental pieces are lots of fun and enjoyable. This is very well done: a consistent set of notes that make a simple pattern with background variations. This kind of music is for sitting back, thinking, drifting. It's not boring; in fact it's an interesting repitition.

Really great sonic texture to this!! The arrangement builds nicely from the beginning! Excellent production!! Would be great in a film!

I definitely like the more martial parts of the track, since it has that energy throughout. Specifically at 1:36, the drums are a very touch that adds to the aggressive energy of the track. I think a grungy, electric guitar riff would absolutely kill here! The track overall is very solid, and I would enjoy this with or without additional context (i.e. placement in a TV show, Movie, etc.)

I like your experimental approach and willingness to explore new textures and sounds.

Music Art Corey Producer Art Corey & Ed Lackey (Mixing)
Publisher Art Corey Performance Art corey
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Clean Clean

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