How's The Weather Today/The Corey's SAX

Story Behind The Song

Sometimes it's rather difficult to talk with people about tough subject matter without things getting heated!!!

Song Length 3:09 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - Dreampop
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How Is The Weather Today?
Margie & Art Corey/BMI Copyright 2012 (c)

1st Verse
There's crome wheels and sockets
He builds motors with sprockets
It's all so confusing I'll say
We don't talk politics
Religion is so mixed
So, how is the weather today?
Oh, how is the weather today........

2nd Verse
I may seem aloof
But to tell you the truth
It's all silly banter they say
Share nothinng to deep
Small talk is so cheap
I'll pray for good weather today
Yes, I'll pray for good weather today

I have all these thoughts, spinning in my head
All the things, I wish I'd said
We all do this dance, no one taking a stance
So, how is the weather today?
So, how is the weather today?

3rd Verse
Now, the oceans are rising
And Soldiers are dying
And still we have nothing to say.........
We're friends and we're neighbors
But, alas we are all but strangers
So, how is the weather today?
Yes, how is the weather today?

Chorus Repeat

We are so afraid to bring up "meaningful" topics today, because our society is terribly polarized. So we avoid the controversial subjects and just "talk about the weather". What a fantastic, appropriate reason to write a song. This one packs a vital message couched in clever rhymes. Loved: dance/stance Politics/nixed. neighbors/strangers. Even though it's a soft rhyme, it totally works. Keep the good songs coming!

I like this song. Very catchy hook! Vocals are perfect for the song. Very unique song didn't know how to catagorize it. Certainly has some potential in a movie, and of course on the weather channel.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Publisher Sharomar Music Pub.
Performance Art Corey Vocals, Jerry Peterson Sax Label What Label??
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