Dancing Naughty Tonight Peterson Corey

Story Behind The Song

Old Guy who is Ninety-Nine Years old, shows up every weekend at a Local Beach Bar and dances rather risque....hope I can dance like that at Ninety-Nine???

Song Length 4:22 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Modern
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 1980 - 1989


"Dancin' Naughty Tonight"
Doc Peterson, Art & Margie Corey/BMI
2/19/2020 Song Guard

1st Verse......
What's his secret ? Oh, what's his charm??
He's got those ladies Oh, on his arm
Feel the groove, feel the move, let the music just take you away
What are you gonna do, what you gonna say
He's Ninety-Nine........

2nd Verse......
He's a regular at this Bar
His moves are naughty, the best by far
What you gonna do, he's like a fine wine
What you gonna say, Hell He's Ninety-nine.......
I'll be your partner, and you'll be mine
Hope we're Dancing, when we're Ninety-Nine.....
Oh, Ninety-Nine


3rd Verse
He could teach us a thing or two
Take my hand and I'll dance with you
Make the moves, they feel so right
We can dance Naughty tonight.......
Yeah Oh, dancing Naughty tonight...

He has the right idea.....

Lyrics Margie & A. Corey Music Jerry Peterson & A. Corey
Producer Jerry Peterson & A. Corey Producers Publisher Gerald Wesley Peterson Pub./BMI
Performance Jerry Peterson, A. Corey V.
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