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Story Behind The Song

We were just trying to write an easy listening Jazz song.......this tune does have lyrics, but in an alternate universe!

Song Description

Just kind of a groovin' thingy............

Song Length 4:22 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Cool, Relaxed Similar Artists Marvin Gaye
Era 2000 and later


Copyright 2001 (c) BMI

Delightful, thoughtful, calming, smooth. Beautiful arrangement and production. Supremely tasteful sax and guitar work. High likeability quotient!

Sade type intro never gets old for me. Then through in a little Marvin Gaye.... Very nice use of mood setting with the sax, very pleasing tone and performance. Most excellent playing... when the vocals join in it makes the song feel more jubilant and happy. Love the little vocal backs interjecting throughout. I think the accompaniment in this song is just right... good mix and quality sounds blending very well. Then comes steel string acoustic up front around 3 minutes, nice change up. Great effects on the sax, just the right reverb and delay!! Lovely mix

Music Arthur Corey Producer Corey & Rifkin
Publisher Arthur Performance Corey, Rifkin, Peterson & Malone
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