Bad Capitalist Coreys

Story Behind The Song

Reflecting on singer's own choices in the world of Capitalism....Good & Bad

Song Description

Disillusioned with Capitalism and it's pitfalls.......when unchecked

Song Length 3:45 Genre Electronic - Dance, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Capitalism, Change Language English
Era 2000 and later


Bad Capitalist
Margie & Art Corey
Copyright 2014 (C)

It's a jungle out there................

1st Verse
Ooooo, I've been a bad, bad capitalist
That's what I've been told
I should have made more investments,
Would have made me rich I know

Oooooooo, that's what I'm talkin' bout

2nd Verse
Yeah, now what's a bad capitalist doin' in a world like this
Should be makin' money, hand over fist
I could have been a zillionare at the age of twenty-five
But all those hungry fat cat's, would have eaten me alive...........

Yes, I'm a very simple guy............

Ooo, Ah, Ooo..........

Now, I've been at the top and I've been way low down
But it feels so much better, with both feet on the ground
Well, I've had everything, and then nothing at all
When you're a Capitalist, you have much further to fall..........

Yeah.... It's a long, long way down
Stock Market dropped 392 points today.........
Yeah.....I'm just a simple guy

3rd Verse
Don't have no fancy big yacht, Oooooo, don't drive no shiny car
But, I sleep very good at night, keep my coins in a Mason jar
And if you have to step on, someone to reach the sky
You need to stop and just ask, the real reason why?

Yeah, I'm just a simple guy......

Solid electronic tune. Nice instrumentation holding the melody and beat. Good lyrics and delivered well. Pro production

Have you ever met someone who laments being a capitalist? Well, if that someone was in it for the money and didn't succeed at it! That's a very original and nifty idea and you can't go wrong with that. Love how the arranged notes tumble with the word, "fall" and the frenetic 16th background notes that are as anxious as the business world. "When you're a capitalist you have much further to fall" captures the fear of every corporate president...and there's a subtle snarky atmosphere in there if you listen'll love it! Are you sure that's the life you want?

Great song.....Who needs drums

Unique techno pop song with lots of rhythms, beats and sub-rhythms and sub-beats. I found this song to be very interesting in a different sort of way. I want to say something about the song felt unorthodox which contributed to its uniqueness. Definitely had an easy going, freewheeling vibe to it. I liked the different rhythms that came in and out of the song. And the occasional sax was a nice touch

Just love this. Frank Zappa goes electronic. So cool. Really fresh.

Such a quirky unique approach leaves me in a quandary about how to review this song - nothing like it! well executed and some great stabs placed here and there - quite theatrical for my money. At moments it reminds me of the electro duo Yello, and other times it reminds me of some stuff by the likes of Propaganda.

I like the vocals. The instrumentation is very good. This song is very unique and catchy. The saxophone sounds really sweet. I like what I heard. The beat is really good. i like the pads and arpeggios that were used. I liked it.

This guy sleeps good at night and keeps his coins in a mason jar. Hmmm. He say's he is just a simple guy. An interesting story is sung by a skilled vocalist, combined with an interesting musical motif that is - different. A mashup perhaps of jazz meets electronic, which meets some pop and some jungle percussion thrown in for good measure.

* Great production - love the bass to this track - has a 90s jazzy feel to it...
* Love the key change you introduce at times

completeley unique. the vocalsit sounds like nina simone which is always a positive. interesting song. i think its better marketed at a dance orientated market. i can hear a euro mix of this in a german nightclub. 5 stars for originality.

Lyrics Margie & A. Corey Music Margie & Art Corey
Producer A. Corey Publisher A. Corey
Performance Art Corey & Doc Peterson on Sax
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