She's a Good Girl

Story Behind The Song

Its complimentary, pro-female theme, 7 minute length, slow groove, and long "dirty" guitar solo makes this a likely song selection by dancers at exotic dance clubs.

Song Description

Video -- A woman is featured in situations that reflects the lyrics.

Song Length 6:50 Genre Country - Alternative


Words and Music by Don Magyar
© 2010, Back On Top Music (BMI)


(Verse 1)
Firm but tender,
Curves in all the right places.
A vision of beauty where
Normally the face is.
Perfect grooming
From her head to her toes.
And I'm not sure if she looks better
With or without clothes.

But there's lots of fine women in this world.
I choose this one 'cause she's a good girl.

(Verse 2)
When she moves
It's poetry in motion.
She looks at you
You swear you drank a magic potion.
She understands men;
What to say and what to do.
She'll pick you up, clear your head,
Set you straight, and make you feel brand new.

But there's lots of smart women in this world.
I choose this one 'cause she's a good girl.


(Verse 3)
She's always running late.
She spends too much money.
She ties my brain in knots and
She thinks it's funny.
I swear that sometimes she tries to make me mad.
She's way too independent.
And sometimes she messes up real bad.

But she's my biggest fan in this world.
And without that, looks and brains are worth nothing.
That she's my biggest fan makes her a good girl.


She's a good girl.


Yeah, she's a good girl.


Lyrics Don Magyar Music Don Magyar
Producer Don Magyar Publisher Back On Top Music (BMI)
Performance M A G Y A R Label Capitol Records Nashville
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