My American Girl

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America's beautiful contribution....

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America's beautiful contribution....

Song Length 3:14 Genre Blues - Country


My American Girl

She was born in mississppi in the USA
She was always gonna do things her own way
A new Orleans baby with her own style
Bella baroque with a winning smile

What did you say ?
In this messed up world
Where did you go ?
My American girl

Time down in Nashville and Tenessee
Songs from the Country for you and me
Summer on the beach in a disney world
Fantasy world for a fantasy girl.....

Songs from New Jersy songs from NYC
Songs from the delta and Texas City
Music from Detroit the only Motown
Thanks to you all until the sun goes down

What do you say ?
In this messed up world
Where will you go ?
My American girl......

A very interesting blend of genres. I like the mix of the electronic drums with the latin guitar.

interesting style on this laid back cool vibe tune. the vocal sound works pretty well. liked the backing music too.

Very nice, good lounge song

Just Odd enough to get My attention and Good enough to hold it. I really like this Tune a lot

liked it......nice


Interesting lofi vocal vibe for country blues. It makes it more unique. Nice tip of hat references to the other song.
Well done.

enjoyed this, and being off center is what I liked

you've got a Brazilian song here. It has a nice groove.

Nice chords. Interesting sequences and clever lyrics. Great guitar work as well.

Love that groovy beat and swinging guitar line. Vocals have a funky easy nature as well. It seems like this would be a lot of fun to play along to and improvise additional lyrics.

i have a lot of writings i know you would love, nicely tuned song

The clicking percussion track sounds like pencils on a desktop. A better production is needed.

this is really cool--i like it--i don't know what genre it fits at the moment--but it doesn't matter much to me where it fits at the moment--BECAUSE I THINK IT IS SO COOL!--GREAT JOB!--all the way around--i dig it!--thanxs--joe.

Very nice I really enjoyed, very George Harrison-like! Nice Slide and very pleasant to listen to.

I sort of like the vocal effects

Soothing vocals paired with an easy rhythmic music bed create a relaxing vibe to this song. Very easy to listen to. Lyrics are well written and flow well for the listener.

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