Juke Box Rock

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My juke box dream.......

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My juke box dream.......

Song Length 2:20 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Modern


Juke Box Rock

Are you ready skinny Jimi
To free fall and fly

Are you coming brother Mchael
To shoot for he sky

Let me hear you jewell voiced Janis
With your corkscrew hair

Are you Cosmic dancing Bolan
Around the stratosphere

My Juke Box Rock

Can you dig it juke bod Johnny
Come together over you

Did you get it hare krishna
Juke box Georgie "Love you to...."

My Juke Box Rock.....

A little like a Beatle's song.

vocals have a real Gerry Rafferty feel

I really dig this tune a lot! Cool lo-fi vocal effect and really cool mix of the slide guitar and brushes on the snare. I ended up liking this song way more than I thought I would! Nice acoustic tones, mix and recording! Kept my toes tapping! Good job!

Great lyrics, great vocals and cool vibe throughout.

good energy and great banjo sounds. like the vocal to this, though different production of the vocal, it's cool. guitar steady and clean. that's it, nice work.

Really atmospheric song with excellent musicianship on display and I really like the way it has been recorded.

I love this kind of blues. Reminds me a little of R.L. Burnside. Great imagery in the lyrics.

Love the finger picking.

The groove on this song is AMAZING. I love this tune. Such a cool mix of old and modern blues. Great effect on the voice. Great, simple arranging, and the slide guitar is perfect.

Like th slide Just a little boring.

Nice @vintage' feel, and good hook. Lo-fi vocals work.

really nice good job

i loved this and i didnt even start to review until it had finished but seriously,

Love the feel and beat this song is not forced in any way and so it sounds so cool, its minimal but all the parts work so it gets away with it love the voice and the lyrics were well metered and well thought out, the beat makes you tap your feet, the worrd make you listen and the tune you want to hum

cool guitar riff

I like the groove and rhythm of this track! Could use a hand on the production, but a good arrangement with liveliness in the rhythm guitar and drum kit. The vocals were crafty and well delivered. Definitely has potential and a remix could take it to the next level. I enjoyed it.

Really like the instrumental hook; wonderful. Good lead singing and infectious vibe. Good job!

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