Bring on the Songs

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Great songs....

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Great songs.....

Song Length 5:12 Genre Rock - Classic


Bring on the songs......
And it's a beautiful day
Bring on the songs....

Do you remember...
" Scaramouche Scaramouche.....
We will rock you rock you rock you "

So bring on the songs....
That helped you through the day
Bring on the songs
That told us what to say......

Get back Jo-Jo
Jo-Jo get back
(Come and get it
Good work from Mr Mac.......)


They say music
Can soothe the savage beast
I say music
Is our Rock n Roll feast.......

So bring on the songs
What happened to Jack and Dianne
Bring on the songs
Mellencamp was the man

Do you remember what "the answer" is my friend
Do you remember what happens in "the end"......


Bring on the songs......
Soundtracks to your life
Bring on the songs
That cut you like a knife.......

Climbing the stairway
On a misty mountain hop
Ramble on baby
All the way to the top......

Bring on the songs......
It's only rock n roll
Bring on the songs
Let's all do the stroll

Be my jeepster
Baby drive my car
Gimme all your lovin'
Show me who you are.....

So bring on the songs........

Really cool idea, I really dig all of the references in the lyrics.

Very well produced piece and a really good testament to a time when music was at a much better place. Vocals don't knock you out, but they are perfect for this.

Evoking the names and images of well know classic rock songs, it's pretty much in the vein of a classic " list " type of format .

Like the lead guitar.

Kept me hooked guessing song influences in the lyrics. Led Zep and queen influences evident in lyrics :)
Nice guitar solo and wide variety of instruments employed.

Vocal quality is good overall nice sound.

Lyrics Laurence Watkins Music Laurence Watkins
Producer Laurence Watkins
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