Song Length 4:20 Genre Blues - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Zoe (c) 2004 Ken Kahn

Oh Zoe, won't you look my way, look my way
It makes me feel alive when you walk by my side,
Just glance my way.

Oh Zoe, I don't understand
When you won't even do the things I ask you to,
When I know youp can

All those kisses you give me, they make me smile, and I
Ought to take them just for what they are
Now I'm not jealous, but I know in just awhile you'll be
wrapped up in somebody else's arms

Oh, Zoe , Zoe don't you make it hard, oh so hard.
If you just walk away, if you're not gonna stay,
Gonna break my heart.

Oh Zoe, don't you be so cruel
To look at me that way
Ignore the things I say,
Girl, you know it's cruel.

All that trouble you make, baby, when I'm gone
Then you look at me so innocent and sweet
I give up and I say Baby, best sit down
Then I find your pretty head upon my knee.


[Oh Zoe, Oh Zoe, don't you wear me down
When I give you a sign
And you don't pay no mind,
Lord, it wears me down

That certain way that I rub you, it gets you going
And I start to think your feelings' do run deep
All those nights with you cozy by my side
Was it just a comfy place for you to sleep?]

Oh Zoe, won't you be a friend.
If you just toy with me
If that's how it will be
I swear I'm never gonna have another dog again.

If that's how it will be
You make a fool of me,
I swear I'll never have another long-tailed, silly-grin,
Super-drool, roly poly
Flippy-haired dog again

What a bitch!

Lyrics Ken Kahn Music Ken Kahn
Producer Ken Kahn Publisher Ken Kahn
Performance Ken Kahn

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