When My Daddy Gets Home

Story Behind The Song

Old flame shows up wanting to make a night of it. NFW.

Song Length 3:13 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated Subject Bad Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


When My Daddy Gets Home © 2013 Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn

Southern girl gets to 5 o'clock - whistle blows, punch the clock
She walks 3 miles in the southern rain - home sweet home on a red dirt lane.
Dinner's on and her favorite jeans, a jigger of Jack in an old Ball™ jar
Sipping it slow, music down low. Then a boom boom boom on her old front door.

Hey it's the devil baby where you been? You're looking pretty sharp but you can't come in.
Sure, I like your smile and your silver cane, but the winds have shifted and things have changed.
If you wanted to talk honey you should have phoned - you don't want to be here when my daddy gets home.

Hey sweet baby, don't talk that way. I wanted to know can you come out to play?
The rain has stopped it's a beautiful night. We can make dark love in the pale moonlight.
'Cause I have tasted your sweet desire. I know how to rescue a woman on fire.
I reckon I know how to steal your soul. And you know I can make that thunder roll.

Hey pretty boy, I know where you've been, and yes I remember our original sins.
But that'll get you coffee if you add a dime, and mostly I think you wasted my time.
Take your old mojo and rattling bones and I don't want you here when my daddy gets home.

Hey, it's the devil baby, where you been? And there's just no way that you are going to get in.
I snap my fingers at your hungry stare, you've mixed me up with someone who cares.
Take your smooth words and your sugary tone, 'cause you better be gone when my daddy gets home.

Lyrics Ken Kahn Music Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn
Producer Vince Costanzo Publisher Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn
Performance Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn Label Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn

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