Face to Face

Story Behind The Song

For parents who've passed on.

Song Length 3:35 Genre Pop - Alternative
Similar Artists Joe Jackson Language English
Era 2000 and later


Face to Face © Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn

There are those who still believe that we will somehow meet again;
Together, how it used to be, together, in another time.

Voice to voice. Palm to palm. Face to face.
A melody of consistent grace,
On a persistent wind, a holy trace.
My love - When will we be face to face?

The free advice I never took,
Mistakes you had to watch me make.
The love I took without a thought.
The love I took each day.

You never thought of right or wrong
And there was no one on your list.
It all came naturally to you, it all comes naturally to this

But now you appear before me, on the road or in the trees,
In the diners and the tracks, the exhibits and the stacks
Of the local library.

I feel a whisper, I hear your voice,
I touch your palm, I see your face.
We sing our song, we dance this final dance
You fill my heart with your grace.
My love - When will we be face to face?

Lyrics Ken Kahn Music Vince Costanzo
Producer Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn Publisher Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn
Performance Vince Costanzo and Ken Kahn

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