Just Another Girl

Story Behind The Song

That awkward moment when you wonder what you saw in your ex (while still hurting)

Song Length 4:34 Genre Folk - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Moving
Subject Regret Similar Artists Leonard Cohen


Just Another Girl © 2014 Ken Kahn

Gee I wish I'd gotten why you think the way you do.
And the joke behind your secret smile
And a dime for each time that you told me, "I love you,"
And someone else's shoes could walk this mile

If I still have my dignity, it's only 'cause you didn't give me time
to start my tears
You held my hand and then some, but you then moved on, and
left me standing here -- Headlights and deer

But in the end, you are just another girl
Really nothing special, though you took apart my world
I thought that you were my ideal and put you on a stand
You were just another girl, in the end.

Gee I should have studied what's behind those hazel eyes
These old songs just remind me how I felt
You crossed your fingers, used my heart to dot these lazy lies
I broke each promise I'd made to myself

And I confess, The way you broke my heart, I guess I actually had given
my permission
The one remaining question's why I twisted up my knickers over you -
A strange addiction.

'Cause in the end, you are just another girl
Really nothing special, but you took apart my world
I painted you as near-ideal and put you on a stand
Just another girl, in the end.

You might imagine I'm too old for this.
You might have thought that we'd be friends
I thought that I was free of how I used to be
But I'm guessin' it's a lesson I will learn again

Lyrics Ken Kahn Music Ken Kahn
Producer Ken Kahn Publisher Ken Kahn
Performance Ken Kahn Label Ken Kahn

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