The One You Want

Story Behind The Song

One can only pretend so long.

Song Description

What's worse than unrequited love? Requited love that's actually not real (and everybody knows it).

Song Length 4:45 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Heartbreaking, Moving
Subject Lost Love, Dysfunctional Relations Language English
Era 2000 and later


The One You Want (c) 2005 Ken Kahn

If I hadn't gone for you, we would not have seen that sunrise
From the cliffs over the ocean. I'll never love like that again.
And if we hadn't kissed that night, I might still be in Chicago
Or carsousin' down in N'awlins, tooling down I-10

But I'm not the one you want, though you led me to temptation
It was a desperate situation, and I can see that we are done
And if I didn't care for you, I could load up my old Wrangler
Blow another kiss to heaven and start, start to run.

So out on the open road or in the city streets
You're beside me.
I couldn't bear to watch our summer slipping by.
Time isn't on our side, it's just waiting there in the shadows.
Time is all we ever have, down to the last goodbye.

No I'm not the one you love, though I wanted to believe it.
Haven't seen you with another, maybe I looked the other way.
Nothing you can do or say is gonna change my blue perspective
And if I didn't care for you, I would look for my tomorrow
I would think the world was something
That was backlit by the sun
Though I'm not the one you love, you were like a true believer
Trying hard to talk us into thinking I was the one.

So out on the open road or in the city streets
You will guide me.
All on my own, the hot summer slipping by.
Time wasn't on our side, it was just waiting there in the shadows.
Time was all we ever had, down to our sweet goodbye

Lyrics Ken Kahn Music Ken Kahn
Producer Ken Kahn Publisher Ken Kahn
Performance Ken Kahn

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