Will we survive this (duet) by Julia Schmidt / Adam Maxfield )

Story Behind The Song

Adam Maxfield sent me a production and he asked if " I would fancy" writing lyrics to it. I fell in love with it and came up with the melody line and lyrics right off the bat..after I came up with the title and lyrics, I thought it would be cool to do it as a duet with him. Our vocal styles are different yet I felt our tones blended real well..so I think of this song as a "crossroads" type of song we would hear Bon Jovi do with Martina McBride...if you are a country music fan you should know the show/ concert called Crossroads !!

Song Description

This song is about being in a relationship and going through yet another "storm",,,it feels at times we say to ourselves " will we survive this"?.... They decide they will " promise to be there when they fall and hang onto the thread that keeps them from falling and falling and falling"....it leaves the listener with the question " will they survive"?

Song Length 3:57 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Troubled
Subject Heartbreak, Healing Similar Artists Bon Jovi, Martina McBride
Lyrics Julia Schmidt Music Adam Maxfield
Producer Adam Maxfield/ Julia Schmidt Performance Julia Schmidt/ Adam Maxfield
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