Stay Eleven ( by Julia Schmidt )

Story Behind The Song

This song is very special to my heart! I wrote this one day after taking a ride with my then eleven year old ( now 12), lol!..her name is Brooke.the lyrics came pretty quickly and I will never forget her " big, shiny, smile" that day when we were " singing out loud in the car" she is a gem to me...This vocal recording is done on the first take,when I was done with the song Brooke was in tears as she was present during the session she said she was so touched by it...hence ,I kept the very first recording...Bob Bentley did a new mix , and did a wonderful job!!

Song Description

A sweet, sentimental song about the love for my daughter and wanting to hold onto those times, they "grow up so fast"!! Peter Schwepker did a wonderful production and it also features Paul Messina on the sweet saxophone,which helps pull a bit more on the heart strings!

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Gracious, Endearing
Subject Love for Child
Lyrics Julia Schmidt Music Julia Schmidt
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Julia Schmidt- vocals , Peter Schwepker- production track, Paul Messina- saxophone
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