Lost inside my heart ( by Greg Lambert )

Song Length 3:38 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking
Subject Sadness, Loneliness Similar Artists Martina McBride

It's a very strong acoustic guitar/vocal demo...heartfelt and commercial...the subject matter is perfect for background music in tv shows and movies...this is a strong candidate for a music library or music placement service. The vocal was very poignant and believable...The melodies were well crafted and the arrangement fit the genre...good job

The song had a nice feel too it. The acoustic arrangement and vocals brought the song to life. The lyrics told a story, which is exactly what Country music is all about. I enjoyed listening to it.

Beautiful vocal, arrangement and instrumentation. Really liked it.

Lyrics Greg Lambert Music Greg Lambert
Producer Railroad Trax Productions Performance Julia Schmidt
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