Keeping Secrets( by Earl C. Webb)

Song Description

This song is a powerful,moving,heartbreaking is about a couple who got married at the young age of seventeen...through the years unfortunately deception causes distance and pain between them and gets the best of them...they need time, and still claim their love for one another but love in many ways isn't always enough....take a listen and the lyrics and vocals tell the story with pure emotion......hence the title 'keeping secrets'........

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - General, Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Moving
Subject Regret, Sadness Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum
Era 2000 and later

Strong vocal that conveys the story. Balanced production. Enjoyed it.

An excellent example of a high quality country ballad. Well written and, as required of the genre, with no surprises. Everything goes where you want it to so that the tune sticks in the mind very quickly. Excellent performance from a fine singer and musicians.

Lyrics Earl C. Webb Music Earl C. Webb
Producer Earl C. Webb Performance Julia Schmidt/Earl C. Webb..bgv( Earl and Tabby Webb)
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