I Had A Dream( love ruled the world )by Peter Schwepker

Story Behind The Song

Peter wrote this in light of having a dream that one day LOVE WILL RULE THE WORLD !! I believe we ALL have that same dream......

Song Description

this is a spiritual, mystical, beautiful orchestral piece with biblical overtones, where I had the honor of doing the vocal.... this song will take you to a different time and place....

Song Length 4:59 Genre Classical - Renaissance, Classical - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Moving, Tranquil
Subject Spirituality, Universe Similar Artists Celine Dion

Beautiful voice!

Great vocals, lyrics & instrumental!!! Love the song!!! I can see this in many places for film/TV!! I envision in a scene like Titanic when they were sailing

This song had a nice chill kind of feel. The lyrics blended nicely with the accompaniment. The accompaniment gave me a sense of floating. The floating sensation worked well with the lyrics ("I had a dream"). I liked how you added that piano later in the song as the song progressed. It added just enough of a change to keep me engaged. I thought the parts flowed together well and the overall musicianship was outstanding.

The vocalist has a nice voice. The volume mix is good between the lows and highs. I like the ending.

I think the most pleasant comment I can give to the artists is this -
I recognized the song, which I listened to only once about a month ago.
Love will rule the world, Julia and Peter.

Lyrics Peter Schwepker Music Peter Schwepker
Producer Peter Schwepker, Julia Schmidt, Dave Mosca Publisher Desert Breeze publishing
Performance Julia Schmidt
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