Highway of forgotten dreams

Story Behind The Song

The woman is lost in her direction in life,and relates this feeling to walking a dark-lonely highway.She is still able to feel glimpses of hope. She wants to redeem the past because her present life is not where she had hoped it would be, while on her journey we call "life".

Song Description

Pop-alternative,added affects to help paint the picture featuring the cello. mysterious\lost yet still feeling hopeful.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Restless, Worried Subject Loneliness, Regret
Similar Artists Martina McBride, Faith Hill Era 2000 and later


I walk the lonely highway of my forgotten dreams and when I look around there's still hope for me it seems guided by the force I feel of what is fake and what is real yes I feel there's still hope for me on my highway of forgotten dreams

Highway of forgotten dreams is it only my past that I want to redeem or is it my present life's not what it seems that I cling to the highway of forgotten dreams

I'm lost but I'm still searching I hope to find my way so I hang on to tomorrow as I live in yesterday the voice in me is calling I run but I keep falling and yet I feel there's still hope for me on my highway of forgotten dreams

to chorus

I walk the lonely highway into the dark of night I watch the stars above me as I try to see the light I have a one way ticket left to find my destiny I guess oh how I feel there's still hope for me on my highway of forgotten dreams

to chorus

Wow, what an amazing song! Expertly written, excellent production. Crystal clear BEAUTIFUL vocals, heartfelt performance. Top notch instrumentation. Sounds like a "real" violin to me, and that added a depth to this track that I really liked. I can see this song in a film...if you can find someone to discover it. I would recommend that you get this song on Audiosparx.com. It's a licensing library. You might have some success with it there.

Nice, balanced mix, with atmospheric synths and clear piano. The vocal is strong and delivers the message convincingly. There seemed to be a long time between choruses, so perhaps consider shortening a verse, or perhaps introducing more contrast with a 'drop down'/'middle 8' section. But excellent songwriting on the whole, and I enjoyed listening.

A really nice song. I would like to hear it in a musical-production!

all the instruments sounded great, singing was great as well, ditto mix and production

Fabulous! ***** Great job!

Lyrics Brenda Smith Music John L. Schick
Producer John L. Schick Performance Julia Schmidt

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