From the heart ( by George Selsky )

Story Behind The Song

George Selsky from ( the spiders ) approached me to record this very special song that was written by his wife( lyrics ) and George ( the music ),,written in rememberance of her mother... I fell in love with everything about it,and even though it is a rock song, I thought of it as a challenge,as it is a genre I have never recorded but , loved every minute of it !

Song Description

An eighties type of rock song that would have a vocal style of Joan Jett/ Heart/ Steve Perry. An amazing production / vocal mix by George with a catchy hook!!

Song Length 4:43 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Endearing, Gracious
Subject Gratitude, Heartbreak Similar Artists Heart, Pat Benatar

Nice Recording. It sounds well Produced.

Vocals sound Silky. All the Tones (Guitar, Keys, Loops, etc.) are great.

FX are totally on point.

Performances are all right on.

Song is catchy, has great potential. Sonically it's all there. Couple minor things below re: the Drums but overall you should be really happy with the end product.

This song has a really good mix of instruments. The vocals are really great. The harmonies are great also. The guitar tones are right on. The drums are really driving and there at just the right places. The arrangement is great and has a lot of dynamics. Great song, I loved it.

Guitar production and arrangement are top notch. Overall monster of a track.

Lyrics Toni Selsky Music George Selsky
Producer George Selsky Performance Julia Schmidt vocal / George Selsky
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