Dropped like a stone ( by Julia Schmidt / Alan Trickett )

Story Behind The Song

Alan Trickett ( Barbwire Tourniquet )approached me to do the music and co-write the lyrics. I was honored, and when he had his friend do an acoustic guitar track I was excited to record it!

Song Description

This is a very emotional one as its about losing your love, he " walked out the door" and " every tear that falls is his love that's gone away" hence the title " Dropped like a stone"...

Song Length 3:03 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Moving
Subject Numbness, Heartbreak Similar Artists Sugarland, Taylor Swift

First of all the vocal was great...lots of emotion and right on pitch...the lyric used quite a few generic phrases or cliché's...yes we all use them and yes you'll hear songs on the radio that use cliché's but those songs are usually written by the artist...if you are the artist then you can most likely get away with cliché's but if you are pitching this to other artists you might want to come up with fresher more original detailed descriptions and actions...the arrangement is good and the overall length of song is very commercial...the melody started out reminiscent of an early Americana song titled For what it's worth by Buffalo Springfield but that won't hurt your chances with your song...

Lyrics Julia Schmidt / Alan Trickett Music Julia Schmidt
Producer Dave Mosca Performance Julia Schmidt- vocal , Chaz- guitar
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