The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel

Story Behind The Song

I was on tour and pulling up to a hotel at 2am on a rainy day. I was with my kids and trying to wake them up to go in when the song popped into my head. We sang just the first verse for about two years until I composed the entire song.

Song Description

The narrator of the song tells about the early morning when her group checked into The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel and all the scary things that happened there. Of note is the "long forgotten 13th floor" where "A big bad band" was playing and all the monsters and ghost "party like they're still alive." Of course, like Hotel California, they never get to leave!

Song Length 3:59 Genre Unique - Children, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, In High Spirits Subject Motels, Fear
Similar Artists The Brian Setzer Orchestra Language English
Era 1940 - 1949


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 2000

It was raining in the morning when we pulled up to the awning
Of the Good Times Goose Bumps Motel;
When we got inside there was no place to hide
From the monsters that had come up from......
"Hello!" they said, "We are dead but we party like we're still full of life.
Even Miss Scarlet's here, that CLUE-less dear,
Colonel Mustard got her in the lounge with the knife!"

They said, "Oooooooooooh"
They said, "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!"
They said, "Ohhhhhh, Ohhhh,
No, No, No, No, No!
Double-dare you spend the night at the
Good Times Goose Bumps Motel"

We said, "We'll see you later," made it to the elevator
Just in time to close that dusty door;
We were so surprised to find we had arrived
On the long-forgotten thirteenth floor...
A big, bad band was there, we felt so square
With the ghoulies who were down with the jive,
That's when we really knew that it was truly true
Here they party like they're still alive

First you swing and sway and wipe the webs away
And then you spin your head completely around;
You walk like Frankenstein,
That's when you lose your mind
And let out an ear-piercing howl!

Well, that band just kept on playing and we knew that we'd be staying
Maybe more than just eternity
Because we had the strange sensation that our one-night reservation
Was extended to infinity.
Come on down with us, grab a Wolf-Hound bus,
It's really just a very short drive;
But leave behind your blues and bring your dancing shoes
'Cause here we party like we're still alive"

Lyrics Judy Pancoast Music Judy Pancoast
Producer Jim West Publisher MAMANOOK Music
Performance Judy Pancoast Label MAMANOOK Music
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