I Dreamed of Angels

Story Behind The Song

I was inspired to write this song by the love of my babies.

Song Description

This song is a lullaby that is more for the mother than the child; it describes how a woman's life can be transformed by loving a child, and how the child is like an angel that has come into her life.

Song Length 4:30 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Serene, Peaceful
Subject Angels, Baby, Children Similar Artists The Carpenters, Amy Grant
Language English Era 2000 and later


The sun was setting in the west
As I lay on my bed to rest
And as I closed my eyes to sleep
I prayed the Lord my soul would keep

And I dreamed of angels
I dreamed of angels dancing in my room
I dreamed of angels
I dreamed of angels dancing in my room

The stars were playing in the sky
The universal lullaby
As Mamas rocked their boys and girls
The sweetest sound heard 'round the world
BRIDGE: I saw them dance
I heard them sing
Music that made the rafters ring
Lifting me up so I could see
What life on Earth could really be
There could be angels all around me

When morning came the world was sweet
I heard the sound of little feet
I turned my head toward that sound
And saw my daughters dancing 'round

And I saw my angels
I saw my angels dancing in my room
I saw my angels,
I saw my angels dancing in my room
God gave me angels, dancing in my room

Lyrics Judy Pancoast Music Judy Pancoast
Producer Jim West Publisher MAMANOOK Music
Performance Judy Pancoast Label MAMANOOK Music
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