Swimming in Jello

Story Behind The Song

One day I was going to pick up my husband at work, but I had plenty of time, so I decided to do some errands on the way. However, there were lines at the gas station, lines at the bank, and lines at the post office. By the time I picked him up, I was late. He said, 'Why are you late?" and I replied..."I couldn't make any progress wherever I went...it was like I was swimming in Jello!" Then I thought, "Wow...that would make a great children's song!" The rest is history. It is my most popular, award winning tune, requested at every Judy Pancoast concert.

Song Description

You know those dreams you have when you are feeling stressed, like you're running somewhere but you never get there? This is that dream, only through a child's mind. The child dreams that s/he is swimming through Jello in order to get to the hot fudge sundae on the other side.

Song Length 4:05 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Delighted, In High Spirits
Subject Comedy, Funny, Fun Similar Artists Weird Al Yankovic
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Words & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1997

I had a crazy dream the other night;
I fell asleep as soon as I turned out the light.
I dreamed that I was by the riverside.
And on the other side, my sister stood
With a hot fudge sundae that looked really good;
She said that I could eat it if I made it to the other side.
So I jumped in, and tried to swim

But I was swimming in Jello,
The Jello was yellow,
Jello 'tween my toes and in my hair;
I was swimming in Jello,
The Jello was yellow;
Swimming in Jello but I wasn't getting anywhere.

Oh well, I don't know what was in my head;
It must have been that pizza that I ate before bed
That made me have that wild and crazy dream.
Because I couldn't dog paddle and I couldn't do the crawl;
I tried to eat the Jello but I couldn't eat it all,
I had to save some room for that ice cream.
So I jumped in, and tried to swim

And then when I looked down below me what a strange sight I did see
There were gummy fish and gummy whales
And gummy mermaids with gummy tails!

When I woke up the sun was shining.
My Mama came in 'cause she heard me whining!
She said, "My dear, what gave you such a fright?"
So I told her about my crazy dream
About the yellow Jello and the fudge ice cream,
And she said, "No more pizza late at night!"
'Cause I jumped in, and tried to swim...."

Lyrics Judy Pancoast Music Judy Pancoast
Producer Jim West Publisher MAMANOOK Music
Performance Judy Pancoast Label MAMANOOK Music
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