Greatest Music Never Heard

Story Behind The Song

Venice backyard music jams with friends, wine, and inspiration are food for the soul. We've created some wonderful amazing moments with absolutely no preconception, that are truly beautiful. And, some that never should be heard! This poem was born after such a night, when music and the soul were truly one.

Song Description

A spoken word, poetry jazz vibe, talkin' bout how music flows from inspiration to the universe, and then it's gone, with no judgement or commercial consideration. It just IS!

Song Length 3:52 Genre Spoken Word - Poetry, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Blissful, Endearing Subject Friend, Music
Similar Artists Joan Osborne, Sly And The Family Stone Language English
Era 2000 and later


She don?t want nobody to taste her for more than a minute
But I woke with that sweetness tickling me

The greatest music never heard
Was birthed on the tip of my tongue this morning
It grew God?s golden feathers
Shook them out like rain, stretching into forever
Gave its gift to air, and then was gone

The greatest music never heard
Was in my bones this morning
Left over from last midnight
When deep drumbeats bit my skin
Filled me like fever and left me like fear

This music was fully absorbed by hearts and minds present
Ingested like manna from heaven that sent it
Becoming soul, skin, bone, spirit, heart, blood
Replacing fear, doubt, releasing mis-directed love

That was It
When our spirits kissed in midair
Riding on notes strong like sunfire
Sweet like moon grace, singing
Solar eclipses with our making

That was some group epiphany shit
Some waking up midnight wondering
What was I just witness to?

Cause that was the greatest music never heard
Or only by a few, only by the blest
Damn, there it was again, in that line
Of poetry so deep it came from the atmosphere
On the other side of Mother Earth

It was so good, I want to shout it to the mainstream
Buy up the publishing, clean it up for the masses
In an attractive package targeted to my demographics
Write a PR blitz for the Fox 11 news
Put it with a salad on McDonald?s premium menu

Cause that was the greatest music never heard
And it gave no press conferences, no interviews
No shout-outs, no warning it was gonna drop
On the world-exclusive, you heard it here first on the top of the charts
It just was, and it flowed through my heart

But even if they could successfully sell our soul
And infiltrate the global marketplace
With our peaceful vibe
The greatest music never heard would fly

She don?t like nobody to taste her for more than a minute
She lives to inspire us in the pursuit of that elation
Cause if you lived with her alla time
Well then, you wouldn?t need anything at all

You?d be in bliss, like this, moment
Of grinning, giggling love exchange
You?d be right here, singing with no words
And dancing in the silence
Of the greatest music never heard

Lyrics Joselyn Wilkinson Music Joselyn Wilkinson & Kevin T. Williams
Producer Kevin T. Williams Publisher Joselyn Wilkinson, Roots Woman Music ASCAP
Performance Joselyn Wilkinson & wild roots Label Calabash Productions
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