Joselyn Wilkinson, L.A. based singer-songwriter, percussionist and performer, has been making waves with her soulful and uplifting songs, supported by her excellent band, Wild Roots, and with ADAAWE, women's world music sensation. Joselyn's musical journey brought her from her native Montana to L.A., to West Africa and back. Her funky solo debut CD "ShapeShifting" met with rave reviews and radio airplay and was supported by strong live performances at festivals, colleges and clubs.

Her upcoming album, "Chance for Rain", returns Joselyn to her singer-songwriter roots and features her best material to date. Its songs are intimate and passionate, with soulful and sophisticated arrangements, executed by a stellar band, including drummer James Gadson (Bill Withers) and bassist Itai Disraeli (Lili Haydn). Joselyn is a dynamic live performer, who connects effortlessly with her audience with honest emotion in her sweet alto. Don't miss this exceptional artist!

Joselyn - Her Story

Joselyn Wilkinson, an L.A. based singer-songwriter, percussionist and performer has been making waves across the U.S. with her soulful and uplifting songs, supported by her excellent band of Wild Roots, as well as with ADAAWE, the women's world music sensation she founded.

Joselyn's musical roots reach back to Montana, where she grew up surrounded by natural beauty, art and social action. She spent childhood summer days dancing to the records on the stereo, absorbing Bonnie Raitt, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and other greats. She thrived performing in musical theatre as a teenager, playing piano and writing poetry. A move to L.A. brought her to Hollywood High, where she was immersed in hip-hop and modern dance. At UCLA, Joselyn developed a passion for world music, and she spent a year in Ghana, West Africa, studying percussion and African music. Her award winning research there was the basis for her band, ADAAWE, 7 women of the voice and drum. With ADAAWE, Joselyn toured theatres, colleges and concert halls across the country, as well as opening for artists including James Brown, Sugar Hill Gang, Mickey Hart, Spearhead and Los Lobos. ADAAWE has been featured in documentary films, commercials and magazines, and has performed at major benefit events, alongside Harry Belafonte, James Ingram, Angela Basset, Annette Benning, Jane Goodall and many others.

As she grew as an artist, Joselyn continued to develop her solo music, with her band Wild Roots, into an exciting genre mixing fusion of folk, funk and poetic soul. Her funky debut album "ShapeShifting" met with rave reviews and radio airplay in 2005 and was supported by strong live performances at festivals, benefits, colleges and clubs like the Conga Room and Temple Bar. Joselyn was also a featured guest artist with musicians including Makina Loca, Maetar, Shaman's Dream, Jason Luckett and Majek Fashek at venues like the House of Blues and Harmony Festival.

Her upcoming album, "Chance for Rain", marks a return to Joselyn's singer-songwriter roots and features the best material of her career. Its songs are intimate and passionate, with soulful and sophisticated arrangements, beautifully executed by a stellar band, including drummer James Gadson (Bill Withers), bassist Itai Disraeli (Lili Haydn) and horn man David Ralike (Beck). It draws inspiration from the best singer-songwriters of the '70's, with a strong contemporary delivery. Songs like "Free to Dream" and "Road into your Heart" are sure to be festival favorites and radio hits. Joselyn is a dynamic live performer, who connects effortlessly with her audience with honest emotion in her sweet alto. Her new album and upcoming live shows will be well worth the wait, showcasing an exceptional artist who has found her voice, and shares her joy of life through music.

CD Reviews - Press

Joselyn & wild roots
Press Quotes

A funky, jazzy vibe with world music values comes from this artist, who sings with authority and conviction. "Break It Down" has lots of vitality..."No Big Ol' Thang" has some fetching vocal interaction. ("Shape Shifting") has a mystical, higher consciousness message. This artist has a strong humanist point of view and will be welcome in an earthy, festival environment. - Music Connection, January 2005

Upbeat and lively sounds are what possess this CD. With various influences ranging from jazz to tribal drumming to pop rock, JOSELYN & WILD ROOTS puts forth a master piece of heart lifting music that will soothe your soul and make you want to get up and dance. "Shapshifting," is by far one of the most beautiful CDs I have laid ears on to this year. It grasps a hold of your ears and perks your senses, while relaxing your mind and body through JOSELYN's soulful vocals and wispy instrumentation. This is a CD you can spin in your CD player for countless hours and come out of it completely refreshed and ready to take on the world. "For Love" (track 3) was one of my favorites on this album, but I must admit the other nine tracks entranced me just the same! I will definitely be picking up a copy of JOSELYN's next CD when it comes out. - Space Junkies Magazine, April 2005

Outstanding, and an early entrant in my record of the year list. Always soulful and always melodic, songs like "For Love" drag you in and refuse to let you go. There's a little bit of funk, a little bit of blues and a little bit of folk, all underpinned by shifting, hypnotic shuffles. The songs are life affirming and positive, a beacon for hope.
- Zeitgeist, Edinburgh UK, March 2005

Talented Lead vocalist Joselyn Wilkinson sounds like a cross between Annie Lennox and Alicia Keys and her band of Wild Roots offer able support playing soulful dance, Afro-Cuban and pseudo hip hop grooves. This 10-song disc opens with the Latin, hip-hop flavored "Break it Down," which offers a radio friendly sound without sacrificing the quality of cool. From there, the album flows smoothly and well-crafted lyrics and melodies kept my interest.
- Phillip E. Hardy, Sound the Siren, February 2005

World music band ADAAWE's founder Joselyn Wilkinson makes her solo debut with the funky, percussive, jazz-influenced "ShapeShifting." Already a veteran artist/performer, you have every right to expect a lot more than the average debut from this album and Joselyn certainly delivers. While her world music roots are still felt on this album, much of the album is focused on a sort of funk/soul hybrid that is certainly reminiscent of 70's funk. Joselyn's biting lyrics give the funk a socially conscious sting that indie music fans will definitely appreciate. The highlight here is the acoustic "By & By", Joselyn's voice shines throughout its duration and if you weren't digging the album by this point you will undoubtedly find joy in this song. While "ShapeShifting" doesn't have universal appeal, people looking to break the monotony of the latest trends should check this one out.
- Mark Fisher, Musical Discoveries, February 2005

Joselyn, a bohemian bandleader and inspired vocalist and percussionist, gave her all and then some...showing her ethereal beauty and utter musicianship. She really engaged her audience by being swept away by the music.
- Gina Zollman, The Beverly Hills Outlook, May 2004

Your songs have great "vibe" to them, Joselyn. Their groove and rhythmic presence is powerful...Very strong production & vocal performances...LOVE your voice character & textures...great voice with a unique, very cool sound...Your lyrics are consistent and focused with many outstanding individual lines...very eclectic and/or film & tv potential.
- TAXI, independent A&R reviews, 2005

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