No End

Song Length 6:24 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Hard Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Serene Subject Life
Language English


I feel like I'm dying,
And ate up by sin.
I'd steal from a beggar,
Just to trade out my skin.
I'm not a part of your world.
I'm not a part of my own.
And I'd give blood to the devil,
Just to be left alone,...alone.

I've burned bridges with God,
That I never crossed.
And this has to be,
How it feels to be lost.
I'm not a part of your world.
I fall apart by myself.
And pray for a savior,
To release me from Hell, this Hell.

There aint no sunrise.
Aint no sunset.
And all I have,
Is the memory you left.

Repeat Chorus

Prisoner of myself, I can't escape myself.
This dying feeling, locked in a holding cell.
I will always remember you.


To feel your touch once again, once again.
The hand that heals, reaching in once again.
I'm losing grip, losing grip on you.


Repeat 1st verse
Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Pat Carter Music Johnny Blackburn, Rick Centino, Jason Walsh, Scott Thomas, Gene Hughes
Producer Mike Stephenson, Gene Hughes Publisher Somber Music ASCAP
Performance Omega Tribe
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