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Rock - Hard Rock | Johnson City/Bristol, Tennessee, United States
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NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn


NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

congrats on the /heavy metal/top 10--mary--cheers---joe

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago to MANU RENO

Thanks for your review of my song "Daybreak for the Broken". I appreciate your input. I wish more reviews were like yours. And thanks for listening to the song. I checked out Good Morning America and Bad Blood Boogie. Nice job on both songs, and nice job you're able to cross different genres. I too am a bass player, and I like your thought process.......the best weapon in the world.

MANU RENO posted over 30 days ago

Yeah Johnny !, really liked "Daybreak for the Broken". Keep on rockin', bass-bro'. Cheers, Manu.

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago to Wes Dinwiddie

Thanks for your review of my song "I, Zombie". It was useful and insightful. I wish more reviews were like that one. The female voice part in the song is actually a sample I made from the 80's movie Return of the Living Dead. I'll probably end up removing it because I'll never go to the proper lengths to use it "legally". I wrote this a while before The Walking Dead started. Now I'd love to get it on there.

Wes Dinwiddie posted over 30 days ago

Hey Johnny! No problem... I just try to review others how I like my own music reviewed... they're all just opinions anyway, but it helps to provide someone with at least ONE piece of useful information in a review. Ha Ha! Anyway, I'm sure you could get one of these female vocalists here on broadjam to collaborate and provide you with some non-copyrighted vocals for that song... especially if you plan on licensing it. You never know man... hollywood is STILL shooting zombie flicks!

Cool photo by the way, you resemble the late Peter Steele of Type O Negative, one of my favorite bands of all time. --- Au5tin

Wes Dinwiddie posted over 30 days ago

Aw man you gotta be kiddin me... just listened to Shroud of Sorrow, Love it! I see Type O is one of your inspirations also... very cool, very cool. Keep up the good work brother.

Mark Tha Shark posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Found you on tha music review. You guyz kick a$$! Keep doing your thing!

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago to Adam Maxfield

Listened to your Hey God track. You asked for suggestions, and I have one. The riff from around 2:15 to 2:40.....Didn't sound like there was a bass during that part....why not add a low note bass and cut the drum time in half......kick on count one, snare on count 3......and instead of the high singing vocal you do now on "At All"....turn it into a scream. But that's just a suggestion, would give the song that "big pit" part, but regardless, it's a cool track and I enjoyed listening.

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Thanks Johnny, you're right there wasn't a bass part there - kinda wanted a bit of space for the guitar riff - I'll have a look at the drums there - always willing to try suggestions - not sure I can scream, but I may be able to blag it in some way can do a growl vocal without hurting myself so maybe can work something with that, pitchshift and a few other fx!!!

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago

Just a suggestion. I'd let the riff go like it does now with guitar only, but when the drums come in, try the half time beat and bringing a bass might work out cool, and it might not, but it's something to try anyway. I'm a fan of big breakdowns, when it sounds like the drummer is just beating the crap out of his drums in a slow maniacle way! If you try it, let me know how you thought it worked in the song.

A Show of Hands posted over 30 days ago

Adam, I kept waiting to hear a bit of screamo in the mix and like Johnny at the "At All" let the guitars dbl. up that bass crunch deeper and dirty with some volume. Nothing like the sounds of hell in a religious song. LOL That song has some great vibe. Good luck

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Don't like lager only proper beer will do LOL!!!

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

On a serious note, thanks guys for your comments - whilst I grew up a metalhead in the 80's I don't very often write that way - I normally just thrash along to Metallica or mainly Disturbed nowadays, to warm up and let go of any pent up aggression I have!!
Whilst its a religious song, I am totally an agnostic, therefore well up for the concept of hell being in there somewhere :o)

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

WHILST I try, I don't always get the time cos my kids, well mainly my daughter, stand next to me screaming when I sing, and I have no door to keep them out!!! So virtually all my vocals are one take wonders, with one take bv's etc, before Jess realises what daddy is doing LOL!!!!

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Good idea, might try that - bought her a junior drum kit for her 3rd birthday (couple of weeks ago) with tunable skins, pukka kick pedal, snare that sounds like a snare etc - and she's got talent for sure, so who knows, might get her to do the drumming before she's 5!!!

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Oh and I forget whilst is an english word not been americanised so I have been informed LOL

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Nufink rong wiv de queens inglish mate LOL

Terese Millhouse posted over 30 days ago

LOL hilarious boys! now for a female Australian point of view! haha This is definitely a great pure rock track, lyrics are dark and strong with a lot of other emotion flying around. The chorus sticks in my head which is always a big tick! The song was BONZA mate!! actually I never say bonza but thought i'd throw some Aussie lingo in the mix hehe!

Adam Maxfield posted over 30 days ago

Beauty mate, thats a fair dinkum comment Terese

JUICE posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Johnny--thanks so much for taking the time to give me some honest and constructive feedback on my song, "What Kina Freek Dooyah Wontme2B?" . . .your comments were right on point, and I appreciate them. You rock, man . . and your bio and work are inspiring . . .keep it up, and God bless you! Peace
Julius "JUICE" Davis

Lori Jennerjohn posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

LOL This just makes me Shit My Pants!!! AWESOME!!!!

#10 "Shit your Pants" by Johnny Blackburn made the Rap - Hip Hop Top 10 Great Job! Lori 1

Loren Bieg posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Thanks so much for your review and kind words regarding Floating Art. I appreciate your feedback regarding the genre. I have wondered if the music fits classical at all, and maybe better in New Age. Anyway, thanks again and best to you!



Dear Mr. Blackburn,
I appreciate your review of "Curious@7:14." Your assessment was on the money and very helpful. Production is always a challenge in the studio. Trying to find that right sound, that unique sound, or that sound that defines you can drive you crazy. You were absolutely correct. I did lay down all the tracks. I kind of envisioned a band recording the song in the future. Thanks again for your very enlightful review.

Sorcerer P

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