Shroud of Sorrow (Negativity in Black)

Song Description

Another one of those big doomy epics that just kinda fell into place. Black Sabbath meets Type O Negative.

Song Length 5:53 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Gothic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Mad, Distressed Subject Frustration, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Black Sabbath Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sky and stars between us,
seems you've found your space.
No bone left unpicked,
not a single trace.
A shred, not a shred
of hope remains in the shell of ash.

Chorus 1
Go on and take the time to find yourself,
leave me in pieces.
A shroud of sorrow baring fruit again,
I am in pieces.

No scraps for the vultures,
piece by piece, no remains.
Only the heart, unbeating
but still alive.
To live not to live,
carries a burden worse than death.

Chorus 2
Shutting down again,
Life has stopped again,
Run me round again,
Shutting down again.

Repeat Chorus 2

Chorus 1 x2

Lyrics Pat Carter Music Johnny Blackburn
Producer Johnny Blackburn Publisher Somber Music ASCAP
Performance Johnny Blackburn Music, Pat Carter Vocals, Brett Hale Guitar solos
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