Story Behind The Song

Inspired by the David Mamet play 'The Duck Variations' in which I once played a role. The song, like the play, is about two old men sitting on a park bench. they have obviously been sitting there every day for a very long time but, unlike in the play, one of them is dead.

Song Description

A man, unwilling to understand that his friend is dead, speaks of all the richness they have experienced just sitting on their park bench.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Numbness, Sadness
Language English



It's winter
You're a squirrel
I'm a rug
The thoughts
Are frozen
To my skull
It's Christmas
Everybody's gone
It's time
To head
For home

Is attractive
I'm sorry
I'm so numb
I'm sad
The roses
Have all gone
I'd like to sit
Beside you
Till the snowdrops
Show their heads
But now
It's time
To head
For home

We witnessed
The budding
The blooming
And with sighs
We watched
As the earth
Took back its own
A cycle
Of seasons
Has passed
Before our eyes
It's time
To head
For home

Forgive me
For laughing
My companion
My old friend
But an icicle
Is forming
On your nose
I wish
You could laugh
Like you did
Before you froze

Very memorable vocals - I like your sound. icicle on nose - that's was funny.

Lyrics John du Feu Music John du Feu
Producer John du Feu Performance John du Feu
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