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After all the rest, Geraldine is the girl I found and loved and still love. Her name is really Daphne Geraldine and she's very beautiful and rather brilliant. She paints pictures which you can see on

Song Length 2:59 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Happiness, General
Language English



Nobody so fine as Geraldine
None that I can find
I'm going back to that black-haired girl
I have left behind
Everyday a thousand faces
Every way inclined
None of them as rich as Geraldine
I have left behind

No-one gets a lot to cling to
Most are numb
Or stretched to breaking
When love is called
A million names
What's true?

Masquerades, grand parades
Living on the run
Who will still be standing with me
When the travelling's done?
Who will tell me who I am
And where the cruel wind blows?
I'm going back to Geraldine
She's the one who knows

No-one gets a lot to cling to
Most are dead
Lost or waiting
When love has sold
A million dreams
What's true?

When all the world was winter
I thought of growing old
Walking down that narrow path
Without a hand to hold
How could so much feel so empty
There where so much love had been?
When every road seemed bound for nowhere
I found Geraldine

I'm going back
Going back
Back to Geraldine

Lyrics John du Feu Music John du Feu
Producer Henk Kroon Performance John du Feu
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