Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Loneliness, Long
Similar Artists The Dave Matthews Band



bags are packed, boots are shined, you help me get ready to go
with a kiss I tell ya I'll miss ya, more than you'll ever know
please, my love, don't cry, I need to remember the way ya smile
since I won't be home from battle for a long while

I'll miss you when I'm gone
so it's hard for me to say
goodbye when I don't think it's good at all

so hold me tight and don't let go too fast deer
and we'll hope this is the last time I have leave ya here
every twice in a while I'll stare at your picture an maybe more
to remind myself who it is I'll be fighting for

I'll miss you when I'm gone
so it's hard for me to say
goodbye when I don't think it's good at all

when I return, I'll run to you, you'll be as beautiful as ever
and all the time taken from us will never even matter
don't let go
just say hello hello hello

I'll miss you when I'm gone
so it's hard for me to say
goodbye when I don't think it's good at all

Robert J. Hatcher and Frank Stopak 2009

While conducting reviews on BJ, i find i have to listen through 100 to 200 songs to find one that comes even remotely close to this little number. This is in an entirely different level than most of the crap we have to endure while conducting reviews. Thank you for sharing your masterful work. It was a pleasure to listen.

I really like this tune Good vocals and lyrics

Sad but so beautiful.

Very pretty voice and nice arrangement.
Emotional and nice harmony.
I appreciate the perspective and intensity that builds.

Love the strings which frame the sentiment.
Love the emotional breakdown of "good-bye.
Congratulations a hit, in my humble opinion.
I am partial to the subject matter.

The vocal tone and expressiveness on this is WORLD CLASS. The song and performance are compelling and beautiful. I could TOTALLY picture hearing this on network TV at the big climax of an hour-long drama (like on Bones or NCIS right before the conclusion). Also seems to fit in nicely with the modern-folk movement that is happening on alternative mainstream radio in 2013.

This song has a very nice arrangement. Love the opening simplicity of the acoustic guitar with the string section. The build up with the harmony vocals and bass guitar bring this song into a pleasurable listening experience. The lyrics are the strongest part of the arrangement, as they could stand alone as a poem.

Why'dya have to make me cry? Beautiful. Hope you get this out there. Strikes me as something that could have very wide appeal, like get it to the sytycd people or idol. good luck!

Lyrics Robert J. Hatcher Music Robert J. Hatcher
Producer Rick Chudacoff
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