You Make Me Beautiful (produced by Ryan Hadlock of the Lumineers

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Song Length 2:54 Genre Folk - Alternative


I was an average man
Just a colorblind view
Now I'm a 9 out of 10
All because I'm with you

You're light shines on my face
Like the sun to the moon
If I'm a prickly stem
You're my rose in full bloom

Cause you, make me... beautiful
You, make me... beautiful
You, make me beautiful, too

You're the peace in my mind
The song caught in my head
When I fall out of line
You put the waltz in my step

N' when you say baby
Ya fill me with gladness
The way that you frame me
I'm a Rembrandt on canvas


Beauty starts in the heart, let it show, watch it grow
Beauty starts in the heart, let it show, watch it grow
Beauty starts in the heart, let it show, watch it grow
Beauty starts in the heart, let it show, watch it grow



BR (2 lines only)

Lyrics Robert J Hatcher / Frank Stopak Music Robert J Hatcher
Producer Ryan Hadlock Publisher Robert J Hatcher / Frank Stopak
Performance Joey Hatcher
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