I'll be loving her

Song Description

leaving the nest, daughter with new lover, lover reassuring mother in a cheeky way, don't worry i'll be loving her

Song Length 5:24 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Mother
Language English


Hey momma what you gonna do
her wings are grown her mind is strong
she flys away from you

Outstanding guitar solo, and great guitar playing throughout. I like the gritty, edgy tone of the vocalist. And I love a good slow-yet-hard-driving groove like this. Everything seems well recorded and sonically produced - the vocal sits nicely above the other instrumentation.

Really electrifying piece with great guitar and drum work. Vocalist is perfect for this piece, sounding a little like a rocking version of Kenny Rogers.

Very solid Classic Rock sound, and the vocalist sounds familiar as well as being right on pitch. Some very nice guitar work in there as well. The song itself has excellent potential with a few tweaks here and there. The vibe and the vocal performance are really good.

Set in a minor key, this is the boyfriend/husband's message to his girlfriend/wife's mom: Your daughter is grown up and gone. She's not coming back. And I'll keep loving her. Interesting and innovative concept for a rock song...never heard anything like it, which gives it high points for originality. Classic rock is a great classification for this song...sounds like a really tight classic rock band to me and the lead guitarist - like wow - he/she is amazing. Terrific riffs! Vocal is clear; story is simple, believable, sad (for the mom), real. Love the "wise in the ways of a woman her age" lyric. Nicely done! Bravo.

I really like your voice and especially your lead guitar playing. That lead guitar solo is as good as I have ever heard.

Really good job on singing about daughter growing up.........

Lyrics joe aschenmeier Music joe aschenmeier
Producer Rob Dewar Publisher anybrain music
Performance Roland krauer and Rob Dewar Label none

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