Shine Your Light

Song Description

A plea for mercy

Song Length 4:42 Genre Pop - Rock, Latin - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Troubled Subject Spirituality, Hope


Shine Your Light
By Jeff and Kim Kocherhans

Yesterday I felt the warmth of you
real as sunlight on my skin
I felt the fire burn within
How quickly now my heart is frozen through
A light is dim that I can?t fake
There?s a deadness I can?t wake
Come stir me with your healing power
I need you every day. I need you every hour

Shine Your Light on me
Shine Your living light
Shine Your Light on me
Shine Your holy light
(Light of the World,
Won?t you shine down Your mercy on me?)

I want to want to be near to You
But I feel the darkness pull
Cold and heavy on my soul
And with my feet yet on the narrow road
I might stumble through my part
But a shadow stalks my heart
Consume me with your fiery grace
And fill me with the love that shines from Your face

(repeat chorus)

illuminate me with your love
and make of me your child
I long to feel Your smile

(repeat chorus)

Lyrics Jeff and Kim Kocherhans Music Jeff Kocherhans
Producer Jeff Kocherhans Performance Jeff, Kim, Heather, Heidi, Joseph Kocherhans

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