Song Length 4:39 Genre Rock - Religious



Words and Music by Jeff Kocherhans

How clever we think we are when we discover
Maybe man created God in his own image
How rational I am! We say
I?ve joined the club
I?m above the fools who bow to superstitions
Out drifting on the seas
Of alternative realities
Past the promised land
Our minds cannot discover

Can't you feel the arms
That opened to receive the nails
open now to you
a heart of mercy beats your name
Lay your burden down
and fall into His sweet embrace
I?m not talking abstract betterment
Its far more than vague enlightenment
It's Personal

While surfing on the crest it?s hard to see
What is brighter in the belly of the whale
?Cause time will break our hearts
And bring us to our knees
When ethereal philosophies all fail
It?s a universe too cold to live
Where all is void and relative
And you really need
A Father, friend and Brother

(repeat chorus)

I am the way
It?s not intellectual
I am the way
It?s not institutional
I am the way
It?s not metaphorical
I am the way
It?s actual, It?s Personal

(repeat chorus)

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