Faith of an Atheist

Story Behind The Song

I was reading a book review, which I can't credit right now, not remembering the author or title, which expresses this basic idea. I had often thought the same thing myself and it got me started on writing this song.

Song Description

This song challenges the scientific orthodoxy that life was created by spontaneous generation and that the universe is completely random. It pokes a little fun at those ideas by pointing out that they are actually taken on faith, rather than being based o

Song Length 3:20 Genre Rock - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant Subject God, Stars, Planets, Space
Similar Artists Bryan Adams, Robert Palmer Language English
Era 2000 and later


Faith of an Atheist

By Jeff and Kim Kocherhans

One day in the primordial soup
Or so the story goes
A chance formation of magnificent complexity
Began to live and grow
As if entire encyclopedias
Just self-assembled all at random, random
I know it?s kind of hard to swallow
But that?s the premise that the whole thing stands on

I just can?t believe
that a billion years of accidents
created an amoeba
no, I just don?t have the faith of an atheist
And I can?t close my mind
to the obvious intelligent design
of the universe
I just don?t have the faith of an atheist

One look into the eyes of my child
Or to the starry sky
It?s inconceivable that life is blind and purposeless
Without a reason why
So you can trust gigantic numbers
Like endless monkeys typing Shakespeare, given time
But I am struck with awe and wonder
Nature?s miracles are blowing my mind

(repeat chorus)

Every living thing breathes testimony
To an awesome maker?s grand design
Galaxies and planets all in motion
Dancing to the song of the divine

(Repeat chorus)

I see His miracles
They?re all around me

Lyrics Jeff and Kim Kocherhans Music Jeff and Kim Kocherhans
Producer Jeff Kocherhans Performance Engraven

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