Dear America

Story Behind The Song

This song was started in the 70's and finished in the new century. I was in Argentina during the 70's when a "dirty war" was being fought by the government against leftist terrorists. Neither side respected the freedom of the people, and the average perso

Song Description

The song takes the perspective of a US soldier fighting overseas against enemies of freedom. He epxresses longing for, love for, and gratitude for America and prays that God will bless and keep her free. He's gained a new appreciation for America by being

Song Length 4:14 Genre Country - Rock, R & B - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Pride, Patriotic
Similar Artists The Eagles, Kenny Rogers Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Dear America

By Jeff Kocherhans

Dear America,
Greetings from a distant shore
How I?m longing for my home tonight
But duty calls me here
Where enemies of freedom stalk
In freedom?s cause we lay in on the line
Like a beacon to a world in tears and chains
You are the hope of every heart that beats in
Freedom?s name

America, sweet land of liberty
Lift up your shining lantern
Light up the heaven-blessed place
Cause it won?t be long
Until my footsteps find
Your golden door again
And I feel your free winds blowing
On my face

Dear America,
I never saw how free I was
Until I tasted life beyond your shore
Where tyrants leave their scars
And fear is in the people?s eyes
We have it all but we?re the last to know
Conceived in liberty
And goodness is your fame
Your finest blood has watered all the earth
In freedom?s name

(repeat chorus)

America, God bless and keep you free
You?ve never been so beautiful to me

(repeat chorus)

Lyrics Jeff Kocherhans Music Jeff Kocherhans
Producer Jeff Kocherhans Performance Jeff Kocherhans

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