It Was All So Clear

Song Length 4:29 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic Subject General
Language English


It Was All So Clear
© Jeff Ashbaker 12/2010

They served gods that had no names
And rich men ruled the game
They built trails of rock and stone
All roads led them home
It was all so clear

They watched love and they saw hate
Divide the human race
They danced with death and marched to war
More and more and more
It was all so clear

Hide your silver dollar
Fool your heart of gold
Yesterday's tomorrow
Will steal your rubber soul
It was all so clear

Now I've seen red and I've seen blue
Break the golden rule
And I heard lies that hide the truth
Was scared and then confused
It was all so clear

Spend your silver dollar
Withdraw your heart of gold
Today is not tomorrow
Bailout your rubber soul
It was all so clear

I've spent some time within my mind
To sort out what was real
In the end, I found a friend
Whose love has been revealed
It was all so clear

I shared my silver dollar
I found my heart of gold
I live today's tomorrow
I gave my heart and soul
It was all so clear

Very atmospheric very catchy

You have the collection of tools for a great production. like the background banjo---nice touch

Great song, love female back up she is just perfect, can hear her but so subtle, complements your vocals.....nice job over all

Great song! loved the feel of the vocal and subtle harmony. I'm glad you were not tempted to drown the acoustic base of the song, it was exactly right for the overall delivery. I also liked the live sound you've captured with the lead running on at the end and the use of reverb (unless it was all live, in which case I apologize). Thanks, really enjoyed this.

This is an interesting song. I really like the clever way you kept changing the chorus' words, but sticking to your silver and gold theme. It's got a good message battling greed, promoting peace. References the "winning" of the west at the expense of the original inhabitants.

The title is perfect for this song, because the lyrics are really good, but so abstract, nothing at all is clear. One gets the sense though that this is about something important...Pete Seeger important. Vocalist even has a little bit of that shaky Pete Seeger sound. Let's just say it's over my head and go with that.

This is a difficult song to review, on the one hand I love the lyrics' history of mankind's emerging soul and morality and understanding, on the other I am less than fond of the sound of the instrumentation. One part of me says that lyrics and instrumentation clash, but then again it is that clash that makes the song so unique. So in sum I think it is a very fine song, and the 'cry' of the instruments is innovative and interesting.

nice guitar work,warm sounding voice

i like the beatand your vocals

Very addictive chorus/hook, locks into the groove right out of the gate and takes you on a nice journey. Really like this one. Worthy of multiple listens

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker

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