I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel This Good

Song Length 2:54 Genre Country - Traditional, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful, On Cloud Nine Subject Falling in Love, Happiness
Language English


Jeff Ashbaker


Now I Must Say, I Missed You Dearly, Darling
And I Took Comfort Where I Could
Though I Often Dreamed I'd See Your Blue Eyes Sparkling
I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel This Good

So I Must Say, I'm Happy When You Hold Me
I Heard You Whisper That You Would
Just Like That Fairy Tale My Mama Told Me
But, I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel That Good

Now I Must Say, It's Magic When I'm With You
For Nothing Else Explains It Like It Should
The Beating Of My Heart Each Time I Kiss You
And I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel This Good

So I Must Say, I Love You Dearly, Darling
I've Never Felt So Understood
And The Answer That I Have, For All Your Questions
Is, I Never Thought I'd Ever Feel This Good

So easy to listen to.
Typical Country swing
Nice early solos.
Great relaxed vocals!
So good!
(Wish you could sing some of mine!)

Nice song.

Well written, produced, performed and executed within the rich story telling history of American Country Music at its best! Very well done, my friend. You've got some really talent. Grabbed me from the very first note.

This instrumentation appeals to me. This is radio ready as they say. the chord progression is interesting , keeping you headed toeard the positive emotion you are portraying. Nice little break with steel and fiddle, and guitar at the end is on target. Voice is pleasant, and in tune.

Very good traditional sounding Country, I like the vocals and the instrumentation is great, especially the fiddle - sounds a little like Mickey Gilley.

Real Nice smooth country diddy! Good steel and fiddle! Nice Lady singer as well!

I liked your deep country voice on this song. it was a nice story song that fits nicely into the country genre. It is more Traditional reminding me of the old kenny Rodgers style. I liked the harmonies also they came in at the right time to accent the chorus.

nice vocal and easy going song

This is an old fashioned little love song that could fit in the 40's as a ukulele tune or a 80's country song ala Charlie Pride. The hook is certainly memorable and the singer is sincere, for sure.

I like old school country and this is It.

Classic country love song, happy and upbeat. Well sung and arranged, with some nice fiddle playing. One to listen to when you want cheering up.

Nice voice and intro.

Familiar theme which cannot be done too much.

Nice to hear a happy song about love and feel in' good.
Love the fiddles and the whole band and an interesting and unique approach.

Thank you kind sir... you do sound kind and in love.

nice arrangement... fiddle, pedal, soft percussion. Two part vocals sounded good, and the lyrics are a nice run.

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker
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