The Other Side of Heartbreak

Story Behind The Song

This song is a collaboration between myself, Nick Fuse, & Nathan Nasby(Chameleon). I could not be more pleased with how the song has turned out. Nick and Nathan have helped to shape the song into an incredibly moving piece of art. Nathan's instrumental arrangement of this song has a very dramatic WOW factor from the beginning thunder clap to the peaceful 'calm after the storm' ending. I has been a joy to work with Nathan and Nick on this project

Song Length 6:01 Genre Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Heartbreak, Life
Language English Era 2000 and later


The Other Side of Heartbreak Janet Steely/Nick Fuse/Nathan Nasby

V 1: Yes I made it to the other side of heartbreak

It takes a while for bleeding hearts to mend

I have gathered nearly all the broken pieces

And pasted them together once again.

V 2: I hear footsteps and pretend you walk beside me
Through tattered fragments of my mortal pain
Memories and photographs are all that's left me
To remind me it wasn't all in vain

Shattered walls, everything falls till nothing else remains

And buried neath the rubble a ghost of memory and pain

by night I sifted though dark ruins ...

Desperately I called out to No One

No you weren't there ... to answer my prayer

But I'm on the other side of heartbreak now .. somehow (echo... somehow)

( instrumental interlude)

V 3: My good news may not be the news you hope for,
The headlines read "No life where love has Died"
When you stole away you left a hollow memory
Now the void is filling up with peace and light

V 4: Yes Forever is a word too quickly spoken
Who knew the end when your heart met mine
The one you love is not always the one who stays
or the one who waiting on the other side .....
... the other side of Heartbreak

END: No You weren't there ... to answer my prayer
But I'm on the other side of heartbreak .... now

The piano, the vocals, they draw me in, oh wow, I like that feeling. An that mourning violin, Ah, Heaven.

nice ballad very dramatic both vocally and lyrically.simple backing works well on this. , ideal for theater

Lyrics Janet Steely, Nick Fuse, Nathan Nasby Music Janet Steely, Nathan Nasby
Producer Nathan nasby, Janet Steely Performance Nathan Nasby
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