Dear Father

Story Behind The Song

Splitting up with his girlfriend, Hypnotist wrote about the complications of getting pregnant. Listen to the song to find out the story...

Song Description

When your girl gets pregnant...

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - East Coast
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Heartbreaking Subject Existence, Regret
Similar Artists Notorious B.I.G., Limp Bizkit Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm pregnant were the words that were heard so ruthless
While I had moved to Brooklyn she was still in Massachusetts
A love affair that had lasted long
Fast and Strong
Which had the right question, just asked it wrong

Total Temptation
Lust after dusk
except Modal Menstruation
We'd fuck til we'd bust
Passed on Protection
the best recipe
Alas, the affection
Expect Destiny

I'm pregnant, she says again
I say "No," Guess again
I say "How? What's the chance you're not?"
Less than ten
Three percent error with a urine test
Now I'm thinkin: One baby, three loans, and you're in debt

Not to mention clothes, rent, every spent cent
Will go to the baby; there's room for resentment
Before this time I could never feel fear
Now I hear my baby say the words real clear

Dear Father,
How could you leave it all behind?
You just turned your back
You said "Never Mind"
It's fine...
Although I never met you
I'll never forget you,
Dear Father

Dear Father,
How could you be so upset?
Remember, It's you that has to live with regret
Forgive and forget
It may be wrong to you
I still belong to you,
Dear Father

An appointment was arranged to make it all go away
She needed my support, I didn't know what to say
We had already discussed what we'd certainly do
Hurt and confused
Abortin the birth is what we'd choose

Planned Parenthood?
Fantastically sarcastic
I Stand Staring; Stood
Practically Plastic
Some worth in my Soul
I Wasn't With my Woman
To Comfort and Console
A Cousin of a Could-been

They searched in deep waters for remains
Sick to my stomach, I could almost hear the rain
Stern-faced, they went in and raped her at their leisure
But it was just a method,
But it was a procedure

I waited for a call as I looked into the wall
If walls could talk, they'd say my face had lost it all
Lifeless, I stood sightless; nothin said, nothin heard
But deep in the distance, could have sworn there were the words

Dear Father,
What have you done to my existence
I tried to talk to you but you never even listened
I should have been alive but you didn't even bother
I would have been alive,
Dear Father

Dear Father,
Where's your instinct for survival
I never would have thought that my dad would be my rival
The heart's enemy is the mind
Now I will never find
My Dear Father

Lyrics Hypnotist Music Hypnotist
Producer Hypnotist Performance Hypnotist
Label Hypnotik Studio Productions
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