Just An Accident

Story Behind The Song

From my CD No Formal Training

Song Description

A sad story of insanity, drugs and life "on the street."

Song Length 4:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Gloomy Subject Sanity/Insanity, Drugs
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Tom Waits Language English
Era 2000 and later


Just An Accident
(C)2009, 2012 Words and Music by Warren Hein

Broken windshield diamonds glisten in the sun
Sarge jokes 'bout safety glass the rookie stands there numb
Chalk lines on the pavement scribble his last breath
Tracing one more story line but this aint no movie set

He ran out from nowhere from behind that Greyhound bus
She said he was a lunatic and man how right she was
She told the cop she tried to swerve and glanced up at the crowd
Then she fell down to her knees and sobbed so very loud

No lights on that county van no wailin' siren sound
No next of kin to notify just a blanket as his shroud
No wasted words in mourning not an extra second spent
After all it's just an accident
After all it's just an accident

No preacher said last rights for him he had no rights at all
He left them with his needles in that dirty bathroom stall
But his wild ass smile had purpose,he knew it was his time
He planned that mad dash perfectly to never reach the yellow line

What a sad song...your voice was up front and clear... nice pad under guitar than it really sounds like an organ, weaves in and out ...nice!
SAD!!!!! but great song!

This is a nice story.......

Pretty lyrics and you have tiny similarity to bob Dylan. Liked the B3 organ subtlety in the background.

What can I say my friend? Really good!! Tragic but beautiful! You really can write great songs!! And I always enjoy your delivery....your vocal style is very emotive and natural!! GREAT STUFF!!

How many times do we pass an accident scene, drive by and then forget about it 1/2 hour later? This talented writer put the experience into an unforgettable song. In just a few minutes time, he describes the persona and character of the victim and the hopelessness of his life. "no next of kin to notify, a blanket as his shroud"...powerful, well-chosen words. The organ in the background provides great accompaniment to this track. Great play on words, no last rites/he had no rights at all. Another fav lyric: broken windshield diamonds. Fantastic word picture!

Very original song. Sad story. Cool vocals.

Good story telling, good voice. I liked the way the guitar sat in the mix as it grew with the keyboard adding real depth. Well recorded voice simple and very listenable, again, sitting well in the mix with a rounded and comfortable build as the song reached its climax. Thanks, good song.

Wow what a great track and performance. Excellent vocal and superb lyrics. Great chorus.Nice guitar.

Nice job, the guitar and organ come together to make the story some punch.
Well played, sung and written.

nice simple arrangement, nice vocals

I was startled by the song's start with bel canto, and it took me a few moments to warm up to the lyrics - this is a ballad, it tells a story, a sad story and it tells it well. The voice, after I got used to its low, confiding, sympathetic, understated tone, fits the ballad perfectly, and the slow start of the music that grows in volume and sound is clever and innovative.

Great song, super lyrics and the simplicity of the guitar and organ blew me away. Nicely mixed and smooth delivery. Vocal recording was spot on which is not easy as with such simple instrumentation you are very focal to the listener. Was it original, no but it is a classic song structure and people love that and I am sure I will not be the only one to have enjoyed this.

Great story, well laid out and presented!
I really like the building feeling and the arrangement.

really interesting song--i like it--quite a story--i minister to alcoholics and drug addicts now for over 23 years--really sad sometimes--i was just one half of the decision making team to pull the plug on an alcoholic/drug addict---he is still hanging on by a thread---cheers--joe.

Nice voice! I loved the addition of the shakers during verse 2, nice guitar playing--simple but strong.

Melody had me humming afterwards...that's always a good thing. Subtle use of organ (or organ sound) worked well to add some depth. Lyrics straightforward and generally free of cliche'.

A very strong song and a great recording. Grabs you from the first chord and doesn't let go. The backing instrumentation was subtle and perfectly placed arrangement and mix wise. Great job!

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Warren Hein Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Warren Hein/Martin Haene (WFH)

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