Warren Hein

Warren Hein

Holy Road (male vocal)

Story Behind The Song

From my CD No Formal Training

Song Description

You will love or hate this song about the shape of today's various "organized" and disorganized religions. Smart lyrics for smart people.

Song Length 4:25 Genre Folk - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Poignant, Worried Subject Judgement, Spirituality
Similar Artists Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Holy Road
(C) 2010, 2012 Words and Music by Warren Hein

On that holy road we decide to travel
I worry 'bout our chance for survival
On that holy road pocked with burned out metal
From Jerusalem to everywhere we've settled
On that holy road is there any truth?
A young man loads up--no fiddler on that roof
On that holy road, all sides keep on bombing
What good's it do but guarantee more sobbing?

Praise the lord, pass the ammunition
Help me lord, too many contradictions
Praise the lord, let me check my bible
No not that one--King James is our rival
Praise the lord, are those words from she or he?
By the way, where the hell's that maharishi?

On that holy road are there any answers?
Just shaky politics from Washington to Damascus
On that holy road paved with alabaster
Made of the bones of citizens from the disasters
On that holy road that weaves through tradition
One man's sacred place is another's superstition

Praise the lord can I learn from Allah?
Help me lord my pilgrimage was to Walla Walla
My sweet lord apologies to Harrison,
Help me lord I want my bones picked clean by carrion
Praise the lord Al Quida and Taliban
Help them lord for godssakes sell them some Ray Bans

Holy road holy road holy road holy road

Praise the lord I really am "religious"
Meet 'cha in heaven but not with them just with us
Praise the lord money changers still buy and sell
If there's a hell stoke them coals Jerry Fallwell
Holy road holy road
Holy road holy road

Excellent track. Well written and recorded with some truly amazing lyrical content. Deep and introspective. I love the kind of southern Baptist choir feel on the repeat of the title, "Holy Road" indeed.

I like the music production of the song. The subject matter was a good listen.Very Bob Dylan.

Clever lyrics , which is what I would expect from you Warren !
Especially loved the gospel type choir when it came in .

This song has a strong leaning toward the sounds of Donovan or the MOODY BLUES. I like how it sneaks into a nice Folk Rock groove. The drum slap adds a nice steady touch. It has a nice build as instruments are added. Cool reference to George Harrison. I like the gospel finish. A tune such as this one could easily be in a movie.

Good recording and good subject

When I glanced at the lyrics, I knew I had to listen to this song. We've gone past the "Eve of Destruction" and met its consequences and we are taken to a deeper level of introspection. Lyrically a stark landscape full of irony, pleading, contradictions, and asking us the meaningfulness of our religious values. This song demands that you really listen! The melody strains and stretches, and is composed so that it fits the mood of the lyrics. It culminates at the end with a choir that wraps up the song. I could really see this in an epic movie!

Very unusual song lyrics. Interesting to listen to to try to get the sense of the writers direction. Was almost like a revival type song, with a current twist. I like the voice quality, breathy and edgy. It worked for this song.

I really liked this...kind of an anti-religion song, huh? Lyrics are gripping and interesting through out...a little cliche'd but it was kinda needed to make the point e.g. "praise the lord and pass the ammunition" The choir toward the end really cinched this for me...credible singers...and I finally got the title thanks to them.

a unique and interesting song. really liked the lyrics on the verses . liked the gospel section which was a nice suprise.
has a theratrical feel to the melody. very different , great ending

Great song...very original.

Good vocal and arrangement. Good hook and a capella ending

Nice intro.I love the lyrics.Clever lyrics.LOVIN YOUR SONG!!! You gave me a surprise with your chorus.... totally unexpected

What the heck did I just listen to? A lyrical masterpiece I think. A dose of religion with a side of satire to make the medicine go down and come back up again. This is great great great. This is the kind of song writing that inspires.

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Warren Hein/Wade Mosher Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Wade Mosher (WFH)/Warren Hein vocals/"Holy Road" singers backing

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