Dark Forest Walk

Song Description

A "dark forest walk" scene, perfect for that film or TV suspense need.

Song Length 2:35 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Classical - Classical
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Distressed, Depressing Subject Doom, Fear
Similar Artists Tchaikovsky, John Williams Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Variation and tenseness fill up this imposing melody. It builds to a heavy instrumental ending making it an excellent piece for a movie with anticipation or conflict. For such a movie, what producer wouldn't need something like that? There's a lot of interest as the melody progresses from eighth notes to whole notes, a great balance of one instrument to several instruments. It's very well arranged. You won't lose your interest listening to this!

This composition is a journet of sound and consciousness. At least that's how I see it. Very interesting arrangement on this ditty.

I like the haunting beginning and carries on mysteriously.tension rises nicely and the trombone player nearly passes out holding a long note. Nice beginning and introduction. Like the "whistle while You Workt" theme thrown in there. Nice choice of instruments and a great rise in volume.several theme candidates introduced. Nice retarding ending. The mixing of instruments keeps the suspence going.

I like the Eastern touch to the scale - something not many people get a hang of quickly. The horns and violin interplay was very good. The percussive additionsbefore the 1:00 mark are a nice touch. The violin-bee buzz is neatly done!

Excellent composition and arrangement. Great for a Middle Easten or Mediteranean soundtrack.

It was programmed well. Good dynamics, good balance on the mixing. Technically competent. It could work in the right context...maybe some kind of film where some kind of mystery is involved.

This is definitely a soundtrack that will definitely find placement. Great job!

If I had a movie, this song would be in it. Provides great emotion and mood. Great recording and the instrumentation is done very well. Enjoyed this song.

This tune is full of dramatic content and invokes a sense of darkness and danger as well. This would make great music for a film or part of a film where something truly dramatic was happening or about to occur. I liked the deep sound and the interesting use of instrumentation. It is not a tune to listen to at bedtime as it is quite frightening in nature, in parts.

Good Ideas here

Enjoyed listening to the track very much!

A very captivating intro!!! Great use of instruments, enjoyed the changes. Very engaging. A great track for film/TV!!!!!

This sounds like a soundtrack or description of a painting. It transmits in general a very archaic and dramatic character due to the sort of plainchant in the beginning, the strong use of deep brass, double basses and timpani with many "empty" harmonies of quints, pedal points, crescendo's and percussive effects. A threatening and/or mystical atmosphere comes from the semi-tone repetitions, then sustained tones and later tremolo and trills in the higher strings mixed with glass-like sound effects and the use of chimes. There is also a development from starting in a high register towards the "victory" of the bass register at the end. This bit of music stimulated immediately my imagination.

Nice movie music

I liked it... very useful for the right scene.


Truly evokes a dark, almost frightening feeling. Like a war brewing, in which a castle is under siege.

Fantastic. Very evocative and marketable. It has a decidedly cinematic scope and incredibly realistic orchestration. Extremely well done.

It has some potential, love the brass part.

Dramatic piece, sounds suitable for a film scene. Has a mysterious, sinister tone. Percussion hits come at the right time. Good use of chimes effects, deep bass notes, drums and dissonances to create suspense and intrigue. Good overall mix and recording.

I like the whimsical feel contrasting with the serious dissonance. Nice.

nice production piece for multi media and TV/Film opps (if that is a goal)

Music Warren Hein Producer Warren Hein
Publisher Warren Hein Performance Wade Mosher (WFH)/Warren Hein
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