Christmas Song For You

Story Behind The Song

Retro Christmas heartbreak rock song

Song Length 3:01 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sorrow Language English


Christmas Song for You

Well tonite I thought I saw you from afar
As you held his hand and slipped into his car
And I thought I saw you smiling, underneath the Christmas lights
As I was buried in the darkness of the night

As I sit at home now staring at the wall
You're probably picking out his sweater at the mall
So I'll sit here at my piano and indulge my Christmas blues
And write a little Christmas song for you

I feel so lonely in the storm
If you could only keep me warm
You'd make my Christmas miracle come true
Ain't got much money and that's a shame
But if you would love me just the same
I'd be the richest man alive if I had you

So, I'll say a prayer to God and Santa Claus
If they will lend attention to my cause
And they can do some Christmas magic, make my dreams come true
And let me sing my Christmas song to you

Nice, heartfelt song, reminds me of Don Henley. Great lyrics evoke the scenes and story of the song. Some nice chord changes kept me guessing where the melody would go next- liked it!

sincerity action is responsive. artist should try to takethis song further.especially as a seasonal song

Sounds very Eagles like near melody

Here's a new slant on a Christmas Blues song. It's a poignant, soft-spoken "come back to me" plea. Nicely produced. Music and arrangement suit lyrics nicely. Vocalist does a great job - easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. The lyrics are original. I loved the "picking out his sweater at the mall" line.

don henly sounding to me Boy I miss him! nice hearing this progression

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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