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Petula Clark went downtown looking for the blues

Song Length 3:38 Genre Blues - General



I been nowhere in no time flat
I been no money down
Daddy told me to start from scratch
Get in on the ground, get in on the ground

In the evening the sun goes down
That's when I have my fun
Get dressed up and I go downtown
Try to meet someone, try I meet someone

But in the station people with relations
Are waiting on their various scenes
And every top bum is sleeping till the cops come
And me I'm somewhere in between

My old friends wouldn't know me now
They're still high on the hog
They don't know what it's like down and out
Can't teach an old dog, can't teach no old dog

But I got to find out what's going down
My whole world's in a spin
When the rain's pouring cats and hounds
Guess I'll learn sink or swim, hope I learn sink or swim

Down so long think I got the bends
Hardship my only cure
But when my divings all come to an end
Be a new man for sure, be a new man for sure

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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