Get Lucky

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"How-to" tips for women -- and maybe men, too

Song Length 4:34 Genre Jazz - General


Notice when he talks with you
He'll really listen, strange but true
This is your invitation to get lucky

Conversation starts to flow
'Cause no one's pushing, no no no
To make it last you can take it slow, get lucky

Funny how things wind around
A silly joke turns so profound
Then you'll laugh, a lovely sound, get lucky

I really hope you do
Get lucky
'Cause if you can get that lucky
I might get lucky too

When you're strolling arm in arm
Don't you feel your life's a charm
Do the town now bet the farm, get lucky

Promenading in the park
Boulevarding after dark
Don't you feel a special spark? Get lucky

Sailing down the avenue
The waters part just for you
Look out world love's coming through, get lucky


It ain't all luck, it ain't all luck
If it walk like a duck and it talk like a --
It ain't all luck, it ain't all luck
If you -- like a -- and you -- like a ---

He will take you to a room
You're all alone, it's just you two
Do anything that you want to do, get lucky

He will kiss you everywhere
Your face and hands, your feet, your hair
Now you know he really cares, get lucky

And when your sweaty wet-eyed boy
Is set to shed his tears of joy
That's no time to play it coy, get lucky

Shiver shout and shimmy shake it
Now you know you're gonna make it
You can take it, you won't break, get lucky


Everywhere around the world
Every boy and every girl
Let your lover's flag unfurl, get lucky

Luck luck, let's get lucky
Luck luck, lucky ducky Luck luck, come on let's get lucky

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