Seventy-Four Cents

Song Description

A sarcastic and spirited romp through discovering too many losses in a row.

Song Length 3:15 Genre Blues - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Sociable Subject Numbness
Language English Era 1920 - 1929


Seventy four cents
And the memory of you
My words fall down in crooked lines
Behind all I meant to do
This living started dying
Day I started to believe
Maybe his mama cried for him that day
But Jesus cried for me.

CHORUS) I come form a long
Line of women, beat our breast.
Sister, What?s all that moaning for?
Should we hen and haw and hesitate?
Just keep waiting for the day
When the hurting don?t hurt no more?

Been spending all my heart
Mending other folks lack
Took a wrong turn down the wrong road
And I can?t find my way back.
I got some angels on my ceiling
How they weep for you and me ?
My old man chokes on unforgivenss
While I choke down one more drink.


Seventy four cents
What I got ain?t what I need
I?m not just up here singing people,
I?m peddling off my dreams
Now a man ain?t live but a few days, Lord
And full of trouble just like you said
If I have anything left that you need
Go on and take it, even these seventy four cets.


Said Sister let?s elevate,
Sugar, lift your face,
Give that pocket change away
And tell ?em not to spend it all in one place.

Lyrics Erin Burkett Music Erin Burkett
Producer Erin Burkett Publisher Erin Burkett
Performance Erin Burkett and the Mean Reds Label Moondog Records
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